Four star Accommodation in Kok StadWeb Site Development


Special! From: 1500.00


Domain registered in your name

Up to 5 page web design

Search engine optimisation and submission to 200 search engines

Statistic analyser, setup on your site (See were clients are coming from etc).


Monthly hosting and support R150.00


We’ve found that most companies lack good Internet exposure.
Many companies have
web sites…
(Some designed by so-called professional design firms,
others designed by Joe Computer Dude and his band of merry techno nerds
That’s OK, we have nerds here too… And we love them! )
But, what these companies
are missing is a,

“web presence”.

That presence is the “essence” of a company, captured by
experienced developers and programmers with an artistic flare.
marketing and business people,
hot graphic designers
techno gurus.



Electronics is our Passion.

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